Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Week 104-Egaleo, Athens:"...On Friday we had a visit from Elder Uchdorf! It was great to see him even though it wasn't for very long..."

OH MY LIFE! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Really excited... WOW Last week ;) It's been an adventure seriously! Can't believe that it is coming to an end! I'm bazzzin to see you all again! I have packed my suitcase, I am with Elder Dastrup and will be with  Elder Teal as well for 2 days, crazy! ! LOVING LIFE!

So we had lots of lessons, every lesson was with a member present. We have Christina as a new investigator, she is a 20 year old Greek girl and is soooo lovely! We had a few hours outside finding which was good, M came back 5 hours in a taxi to say goodbye to me on my last Sunday! It was so lovely of her!

On Tuesday we had FHE with the kids, we taught them about the Sabbath day as they didn't come to church, they understood it really well and J asked for forgiveness in her prayer at the end! We then played games together which was great, it was like a kids version of scrabble in Greek and I won!

On Wednesday we had service for the last time with Praksis and I said goodbye to everyone there, we had a lesson with A in the evening which was great, about prayer after English class. It was good to say goodbye to everyone again, the class was great and we reviewed everything that we have learned together, they did a great job.

On Thursday we met with C who is R's son who we are teaching again, we have 6 investigators under 23 years old, we love teaching young people! He wants to stop smoking and to start living the commandments again.

On Friday we had a visit from Elder Uchdorf! It was great to see him even though it wasn't for very long, we got to say hi and listen to him for a few minutes :) ...The lesson that we had scheduled didn't happen, we were on the Metro for hours and spoke to so many people...

On Saturday I had an exchange with Elder Clarke which went well, he is doing well, we had 3 lessons together and we taught very well, he is Elder Gore's next companion.

On Sunday I got to say goodbye to a few members that I won't see during the week, to Q and Pres Sankoh and some other investigators etc. It was a strange day, I packed my suitcase  (I have a little bag with clothes for the next few days so I'm done!) and it felt so weird, I have so many mixed feelings I don't know what to think!

I remember my first email sesh, no internet, had only 50 mins...now I am as relaxed as anything buzzing to see you all again! It seems like yesterday but also like another life, how can that be?!

We had games today to say goodbye to the missionaries and we finished late and we have FHE to go to to say goodbye to other members.

I heard about Man Utd, not too impressed but now I'm back we'll start winning again ;) Didn't we sell Pogba? ;)

I have to go now! As much as I will miss people no one will ever get even near how much I love or miss you guys. I LOVE YOU! SEE YOU THURSDAY! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Elder Uchtdorf from the First Presidency visited Greece and the refugees and took time to meet with the missionaries

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Week 103-Glyfada, Athens:"...I gave a short testimony and said that I came willing to serve 2 years and I am leaving ready and willing to serve my whole life..."

Next week I am home! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I can't believe that it is my last full week, we have loads of lessons scheduled to say goodbye to people which should be great. Time is going so fast! I can't believe that I will be home next week, so crazy! Not finished yet though! ;) Only 1 more p-day left, I never actually thought that this day would come, it is so crazy! I am so buzzing! Elder Tornar is speaking hilarious English (here in the internet cafe) what a lad! I will miss these guys all so much.

It was the last time that M came to FHE as she will leave soon.We had a lesson with the kids which was on the word of wisdom, it went very well, I love them loads. G was asking loads of questions and tries to wind us up, he's trying to play us at our own game, won't work!  X came to English Class! Yes! She loved it and we had a lesson with her. She is 19 years old and Greek, we are teaching loads of young people now, we're loving it.
(I did an exchange) with Elder Potter...the contacting we did together was great actually! We studied again for the training...then after the training I gave a short testimony and said that I came willing to serve 2 years and I am leaving ready and willing to serve my whole life...

We had specialised training in Thessaloniki which went really well. We flew early in the morning (I cant believe how many times I have flown on my mission, like 20?) and got there around lunch time...all of the missionaries presented training...we taught about prayer and the Holy Ghost, I want to improve how I pray, kneeling and praying with sincerity. I don't want to rush my prayers, if I don't have time then say less but with sincerity. After training we had dinner and went contacting! It was so great! We had a lesson and got some numbers. We had loads of fun. I was with Elder Shaner...in the evening we had a lesson and English class, it was a great day and I love it here in Thess!

(The next day) I did the baptismal interview of a 19 year old Greek girl called S and it was so good...so buzzing for S, I am a bit sad that I am going home, the work is picking up and we are teaching young people! Mixed feelings, filled with peace and a lot of love! On the flight home we realised that we forgot our phones, we laughed about that, we spoke to a pilot for about 20 minutes whilst waiting to board and he was so cool! He didn't want to learn but I loved speaking with him.

Have you heard about the Scotland mission, they are killing it! Like already beaten their baptism record for last year! Everyone is buzzing there!

I don't really know what to think now I am so close to the end but it seems like I will never reach it. I have been reviewing my mission loads recently and I am proud of how I have served. I can't wait to see everyone at home but I love being a part of something bigger, of working for a great cause, I will really miss that part of my mission.

I need to tell you, next Monday is day of fun for the zone so I might email a bit later and for less time but it's ok we'll just catch up on Thursday if you are free ;)))

Thanks to the Deighton's for this photo!

In Thessaloniki in Brother T's house

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Week 102-Glyfada, Athens:"...I will miss my mission so much but I am so excited for the new challenges and phases of my life..."

Hey!...I am great! Our week was really good, we spoke with loads of young people and will have lessons with some this week! They had strikes on the metro and we had to go to the centre for service so we took the bus...for 2 hours! We had so many conversations it was crazy! I had this one conversation for ages with this girl and she was really nice, after I felt like I didn't really do enough to invite her even though she really wasn't interested. We did get 1 number though  which was good. Service went well, we invited Anna to come and hear my talk and Sunday so here's hoping.

I am really happy about Portugal (winning the football!) So is everyone here in Greece! And a good week for British sport again, happy for Murray. Will I be back for the start of the Olympics?

It looks so cold in England! :( The weather here is perfect now, low 30s with a breeze!

We go to Thessaloniki this Friday and Saturday, I will do a baptismal interview for a Greek girl there! (who Elders Shaner and Burton have been teaching). Elder Gore is so great, he pushes me to do loads of things that I couldn't do without him, he's the best. I saw the video of Elder Gore's bro coming home! It was great! :) 

We had FHE with Maria as she will leave soon (she is going away for 3 months which is a shame), and we hope to have another lesson as well :) We had a lesson with the kids and went with G to play football, we had lots of fun with the others and he really enjoyed it. We got to speak loads and he loves us, he wants to be a missionary in England. He is only 12, bless him. We travelled loads but it was worth it for G, the kids are the best investigators that we have!

District meeting was really good from Elder Clarke about us not just opening our mouths but doing so with the Spirit and teaching and teaching with the Spirit. We then had a meal with the Petchey's...I learned that a couple only 26 years old are here for three months as a senior couple!

I had a great experience that I forgot to write about...we were speaking with this girl at the metro station and when the metro came we boarded and Elder Gore wanted us to continue to talk with her...but I just felt we needed to go in the other carriage...then we started speaking with this man who was a theologian and was trying to bash us but my mouth was filled every time in perfect Greek to be able to be calm and stand up for the church...I was so confident, I just felt that I would know what to say and I did! I am so grateful for that experience...

My new badge broke so I can't wear it! My clip is broken, I can just get a new one but I'm not too fussed, I just don't think that it makes that much of a difference and I like it when people think that my name is Elder and that my companion is my brother ;))))

I don't think that it is getting harder, I just miss you all loads and I am tired, but I REALLY want lessons so my focus is still 100% on the work :) I will miss my mission so much but I am so excited for the new challenges and phases of my life, I can't wait! I am going to baptise so many people at uni :P ...just taking it all as it comes, trying to not leave anything in the field and just throwing my all at it and having loads of fun! I am grateful that I still want to be my best until the end...I just want to get better at inviting people and teaching them all the time, but we are doing well together now :)

I have to go now! I love you loads have a great week! Only 2 Mondays left ahhh!